Dorothy’s Dementia

Dorothy’s friend Chuck was taken to the hospital on Friday night. Mom and I were walking down the hall and in passing his room –we saw the nurses assisting him.  Next thing we heard he had been taken to the hospital. Chuck is a great guy- he has lots of fun stories – an easy smile and just fun to be around.   He has been very nice to mom and helps her out when she’s confused.  

I called the Assisted Living later that evening to see if I could get the phone number to one of his family members to check on him to make sure everything was ok.  They said they could not give out that information- which I totally understand.  

 I called the surrounding hospitals and found him- they transferred me to his room – but the phone rang off the hook.  I called for a few days-still just a ringing on the other end- no one picked up.  

When mom called last night- I asked if Chuck had come back from the hospital she said yes, he had gotten back today.  She couldn’t remember anything else about it.  I did not take her word on this situation- she just doesn’t remember.

I reached back out to the Assisted Living to see I could give my phone # to Chucks family and have them contact me.   That’s when I found out that Chuck has no family listed.  Only a friend as his emergency contact.   

I asked if she would reach out to him and have him contact me.  

I was so sad that Chuck doesn’t have anyone- and it made me wonder how many people out there don’t have anyone.   )-:

I hope Chuck’s friend reaches out to me- so I can keep in touch with Chuck if he has to go back into the hospital.    

Also, I can’t wait until Spring- I think I will take both mom and Chuck together-out from time to time.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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