Dorothy’s Dementia Dog Days

It seems that the Dog Days are real- summer is in full force- (I love it!) and the heat of the day added to our daily lives can bring added pressure. Just like a pressure pot- some of us explode. I feel that this is how dementia folks with Sundowners feel- Dog Days of Summer every evening of their lives. )-:

As a caregiver and or family member there is really nothing you can do- except go with the flow. Agree with them- that’s all they want- they won’t remember anyway- so you might as well make them happy in the moment and listen.

When Dorothy calls – sometimes I forget that she’s sick and she’s not going to get any better ( John Mellencamp- “Longest Days”- I’ve probably referenced this one before- but, I like this song. ) and when she’s saying something I know she doesn’t mean- I will break in and interrupt her- and tell her that’s not true. As soon as I do this I know I’ve done the wrong thing. She gets more agitated and confused and sad. I kick myself- in the moment- but I know she won’t remember and she will call again with the same song.

Life is short- even in it’s longest days.

Find a way to just be still- let them erupt. Hard to do – but it’s the best thing for them and you.

Love and Light!

Cheryl Doreen

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