Dorothy’s Dementia

Mom some calls in the middle of the day- I wonder if she’s confused, or lonely or someone has said something to her to tick her off.

Dorothy has always been an independent woman- self sufficient- her way – kinda lady. ( yes, those of you who know me see where I get it LOLOL) So when she calls in the middle of the day wondering “how my plan is going to get her back home” I wonder what prompted her to reach out to me- her person, who listens.

While she does enjoy sitting outside and walking and as far as I know she is doing this in her daily routine. I wonder if sometimes she has gone outside and all the “good” chairs are gone and she gets frustrated. Or maybe she ordered something for lunch and when it was served to her she said ” what’s this- I didn’t order this” and stormed out of the room.

Anything is possible for the demented. And I am grateful that there are people who have the gift to deal with them 24-7 ( or 365-24 per my grandson).

I answer- ask if everything is ok and listen. That’s all I can do.

Love & Light,

Cheryl Doreen

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