Dorothy’s Dementia

It’s another “normal” day in the life of Dorothy -living with Dementia. I hope I never experience her side of this terrible disease. Being her person is hard enough. If it wasn’t for my friends encouraging me to start this blog and “get it out” I’m not sure I would be able to deal with this every day. Thank you ladies! I love you!

Mom is getting along great at the “home”- she is involved with all the “games” and fun things that they do on a daily basis- she even had her toenails painted this week.  (-:   She is using her walker – mostly because she has a seat whereever she goes. (lol)

Everyone tells me how much fun she is to be around and how sweet she is. She is!   This is her nature.  Too bad she can’t remember the fun day she had at 6:15 when she calls me.   All she remembers to do is sing her song.

We went out Friday for our normal Friday Follies- day out.  We went to the “junky store” and she found a sweater that she liked and a cool pair of pink tennis shoes- total out of my pocket $ 9.25 – so worth it.  Now-

I know that she won’t remember that she picked them out – when I get them washed and take them to her, she will just think that I bought them for her.  But that’s ok- I know that in the moment she was “in the moment”.  

Little kids and old folks- one in the same- (-:   innocent-  and it’s a good thing.

Love & Light!

Cheryl Doreen

One thought on “Dorothy’s Dementia

  1. Cheryl, I’m so glad you started this blog so we can keep up with you and your Mom’s progression, and that it helps bring you some degree of comfort. Sometimes all we can do is be there for each other, and I can’t tell you how much you sharing this life defining experience you are navigating has helped me in my journey of life. Let’s get together soon friend. So much love!


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