Dorothy’s Dementia Full Moon

It’s Full Moon Week and mom is in full bloom.   The calls start earlier, and the confusion is more intense.  Her brain just doesn’t retain anything.  ):  

I have been purging and moving the last few months and I’m just about out of gas.  But I continue to take moms calls- whenever she calls- and help her through the moment of anxiety.   I help get her calmed down and it’s not 15 minutes later she is calling again.   Around and around and around we go.  It seems like it’s never ending- I know one day it will come to an end, but- for now, we just get through it.

I read an article the other day in the AJC about “The renewed hunt for Alzheimer’s cure” by Lauran Neargaard- Associated Press.   The article in my opinion is worthless- they know nothing- they are dumbfounded- they don’t have a clue.  What they thought might be some sort of plaque buildup on the brain was the cause they are now saying isn’t anythibg.  They don’t have a clue. 

  I still believe in my theory that they need to study drunks-  (some) drunks talk around and around and around all night long and most of them don’t remember anything they did the next day.  So, if you can somehow figure out what part of the brain is being “drowned with drunkenness in the state of drunkenness” I believe you have a better chance of figuring out the issue and ultimately the cure for this “insane” disease.

So, if anyone reading this knows any of the researchers please pass on my theory. (-:

As for now I will continue to be there for Dorothy as long as she needs me to be.   Some days are better than others- some days I just sit down and cry after I get off the phone with her.  

Have I said lately how hard this is- and I appreciate the caregivers who can do this with grace, love and understanding.  Thank you!

Love and Light,

Cheryl Doreen

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