For now

Dorothy’s Psychiatric Doctor finally called me with the assessment.  She stated that moms’ medications were fine and that she needed to be moved back to Assisted Living.  She said that Dorothy is not ready for Memory Care at this time, it will come, but Memory Care is not a good place for her to be right now.  She needs interaction with active people for her brain health.  The doctor tells me she will contact the head nurse at the facility and send over the orders to have mom moved. 

I let two weeks go by, there is a lot going on at the facility and I’ve been waiting on a call from the head nurse.  The new director has only been there two weeks, everyone is being tested and retested for Covid because a few worker bees testing positive- no symptoms- just positive testing. (could it be a positive/negative and all this additional testing is all for not.  Everyone has to be tested twice and everyone has to come back negative in both times in order for the facility to “open” up and not have the residence be quarantined to their room.

Long story short it turns out the head nurse chose to not follow the doctors’ orders and has not moved mom out of Memory Care.  At this time that is a blessing- because everyone in Memory Care is quarantined to their room.  Which I can’t imagine for all those residence- let alone how “crazy” mom would be.   But the point is the way the head nurse went about it. Actually, bold face lying that the doctor changed their mind- when I reached out to the doctor, they were shocked that the nurse said that they had changed their mind and was quite upset.   At this time,

I am letting it be and let mom stay where she is- in Memory Care because you are not confined to your room and you do not have to wear a mask- Dorothy is better where she is for now.

This has turned out to be such a cluster $$%^&*()  and my voice is not silent, just on hold- I will be heard by those in charge over this entire ordeal.  I just hope they don’t use the excuse of “unprecedented times” because it is not about the times, it’s about proper care giving, honesty and doing the right thing for the patient.

In the meantime, mom is still calling, still confused that her grandpa has died and totally devastated that she cannot get to the funeral.  The care givers are telling her that there are no funerals at this time, which helps a little with her confusion. But the turmoil and frustration she is going through is something that no one should have to experience.  I wonder why since 1970, when the first research was started- they still have no clues how to help or have found a drug to reverse the disease or help with the symptoms, confusion, and the demons that these patients go through.

Love and Light,

 Cheryl Doreen

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