Dealing with it…..

  Dorothy has finally settled down, the move, the confusion and the Covid shutdown -really did a number on her.   It took about 6 weeks- but she is back to her “old” self– her old self -as she has been for the past several years.   

Her Pappy and Granny are still the most important thoughts in her mind as is her sister.  And of course, the wanting to get out of where she is- because she doesn’t’ belong there. 

They have lifted the lockdown and reopened visitation to the family- which helps everyone. I hope they don’t have to lock it down again.  I’ve been to see her several times since last week’s lift and she is doing fine.   She does her chair exercises and participates in what she wants to participate in.  

She continues to call and continues to sing her song. I sometimes sing along and sometimes I don’t.  I’ve learned to read her and the mood she is in and the reaction that I will get on how I respond.   It really doesn’t matter what I say, how I say it or if I say anything.  

With the pandemic- I have sort of seen her side of things.  Not being able to do what you want when you want.  Having to adjust to masks, number of people you are around, who you come in contact with, when you go out, where you go out to.  Mom says she gets out and walks and I know that one of her caregivers takes her for walks in the evenings. For now, that is the best she can have.  I hope it is good enough.

It’s been a week since my last meeting with the community and expressed my concerns and I have not heard anything in response.  I’m assuming they are thinking it is going to go away, but it is not- it will fester and resurface at a time when I am not tied to Covid and its restrictions.   I will not go quietly- (Don Henley “I will not go quietly”).

Listen to your demented folks, how can you help them? Sometimes you can’t- so be ready for that.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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