Right here, Right now……

Dorothy is going through another demented memory of her past.   Yes, Granny and Pappy are still dying on a daily basis.  Her sister is still in the mix- now her sister has moved into the home that her and my dad lived it.   This is the first time “dad” has been in the “song”.  Interesting.to me- I wonder what this means. What does any of it mean?

I’ve had to take a break from writing- it seems like I’m repeating myself over and over again- which I am —–because this is what I’m hearing from mom. The same old- mixed in with new verses every once in a while. 
Dementia Sucks!  Sucks!  Sucks!  Sucks!   Just like Cancer Sucks!  Crohn’s disease Sucks!  COPD Sucks! Strokes Suck! Pulmonary Disease Sucks!  Diabetes Sucks! Aids Sucks! Lyme disease Sucks! Covid-19 Sucks!  Sickness’s that can’t be cured SUCK!  
Right here right now, I am praying for all of you that are reading this – May God shine His Grace on you and Bless you and yours with perfect health.
Dorothy is still just so miserable – especially at Sundowners time- actually she miserable every time I see her.  If she’s not complaining about not being able to come home, or people telling her what to do or dealing with her mind games all day long. I wish I or anyone could help her. I can only assume that she is fine and busy most of the day.  Still, whenever I go to visit and there is someone new (a worker bee)  they come out and  ask me if I’m Dorothy’s daughter- yes, is my reply (they cannot tell by looking at me because the mask hides our resemblance). And they go on to tell me how much they LOVE my mother; they say she is just so sweet and kind.   So, this is a sign that she is NOT miserable all the time.  (-:
I still go see her, I still answer the phone, I still listen to her song and her new verses, I still reply the way I think she wants me to reply.  Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don’t- and that’s ok.  I know- and I think she knows -I’m here for her in her darkest hours.  
Seems like once upon a time ago- I was where I was supposed to be……  nothing last forever, the best efforts don’t always pay …….life is short, even in its longest days………………… (John Mellencamp- Longest Days)
If you can- just listen and agree with your demented loved one- try to figure out what they need in the moment.  (-:  I assure you, it isn’t easy- but I sure hope someone will be there for me when I need them.
Love and Light,
Cheryl Doreen 

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