Get a Job

Happy Fall- 

Dorothy made it through another summer- some days were good; some days were bad.  She is still on the granny/ pappy song, along with her sister Delores.    She is still calling every night and I am still answering her calls.  Listening, reassuring when needed and letting her know I’m here for her when she needs me.

She wants to move back to Germantown, get an apartment, a job and get her life back on track.  She believes that its still the same small town she grew up in is 1960’s – she’s pretty sure she can get her old job back at Brumbaugh (sp) jewelers or even Hackers Pharmacy. She just needs a small apartment downtown, away from her sister, her sister can’t be trusted. She still thinks that her sister can get into her bank account and take her money.  She wants to die in Ohio, so she is ready to go back.   On and on and on and on she goes. 

I can’t imagine what mental distress she is going through- how much emotional toil and anguish she is experiencing daily- even if it is for a few hours each day- it’s still too much.   I hate it for her, and I hate that there is nothing I can do to help her.

Last week I lost a coworker- 53-year-old man- best stand-up guy you would ever want to meet.   Cancer got him- within 6 months he was gone.   I ask myself- even though I’ll never understand, and I know I’m not supposed to understand – WHY?  Why do the good die young?  Why do the old, feeble and descripted have to continue to live out their life?

Look at your life now- what do you want to do?  What are you putting off?  What are you putting up with that you do not need to put up with?  

Life is short- even in its longest day- JM and those of us who can still make our choices, have the health need to start living like today is the last day of our lives.  If not- we will just let it slip on by.

Just for fun listen to Bruce Hornsby & The Range “The Way It Is”

Love and Light!

Cheryl Doreen

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