In her mind

The phone rings- Dorothy’s first words are “Cheryl do you know what Paul has done to me again?”

And the song begins.  “He’s put me here without my consent- it’s not fair and I can’t believe that he was able to do that.  Who does he think he is?   I need to get back to my house.  It’s just not right what he has done to me. I didn’t do anything to him – he has no right putting me here.  I need your help with getting me an apartment- or maybe I should go into an assisted living what do you think?”  mom, I’ll do whatever you want me to do- “I knew I could count on you, so when do you think you can come and get me.  Oh wait, I’m in Ohio and you are in Georgia- you won’t be able to come and help me.  I’ll call one of my friends, that’s why I moved back here- to be closer to my friends.”  Mom, I can help you from wherever I am- what do you want me to do?

“Well, Cheryl do you know where I am?  I’m in this place that seems to be fine.  They feed me, they are nice to me and most importantly it’s clean.  Do you think I should just stay here? I think it would be ok if I just stayed here, what do you think?”  I think you should do whatever you want to do mom.  “Ok, then I’ll just stay here- Maybe I am the one that needs to get used to where I am and not worry so much.” Pause……… “So, when do you think you can come and get me and take me out looking for a place?  I just need a one-bedroom, nice size living room I don’t want it to be just one big room with the bed in it and my furniture…. I want it to feel homier than that.  So, and well, when you find something let me know- if you want me to go with you let me know.  I hate to bother you but you’re my daughter and that is part of your life helping your mother- like I helped you to grow up to be wonderful.  I know you’ll help me.  That’s why I don’t call Paul for things- he doesn’t have time.  How’s Jessica and the boys- are the boys loving school- Jessica and the boys are great”- loving school and their friends.  “ok I’ll let you go — love you -bye”

She just has to get these words out.   Are they stuck in her head- or do they just come out at Sundowners time?   Does anyone know?

Does anyone really know what time it is, does anyone really care?  Chicago- give it a listen.

Love and Light!

Cheryl Doreen

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