Surgery went well

Dorothy’s surgery went off without a hitch. Last week I watched them carve off a piece of her face-put it in a sample bottle to be sent off for more tests- interesting how they do that. First, they numb your face- the worst part of the procedure- then the doctor, with skilled precision slices off a slab of your face.  Surprisingly not too much blood- a band aid and directions for tending to the wound. It was to be always kept dry- except for when it was to be cleaned once a day with soap and water- then Vaseline put on it and a clean band aid.  I had to ask the doctor to write it down per the words she had said.  The nurses at the Memory Care will not do anything- even if it’s common sense-unless it is written down as orders by the doctor.   Then we were out the door.  Dorothy had no idea where she was or what had just happened to her.    

  The nurses did a great job of keeping it clean, dry and Vaseline (d) up.  I took her back yesterday -one week after surgery- to have the stitches removed and have some more spots frozen off her face.   She had no idea where we were, but she was in good spirits.  All her reports came back negative. The nurse removed her stitches and when the doctor came in to check her out- the doctor asked mom “so, you liked the sun when you were younger?”  Mom replied yes, “I love the sun and I still do, the doctors will tell you the sun is bad for you but, I’m here to tell you they are wrong- the sun is not bad for you”.   LOLOL, You Go Dorothy!   Like I said -she had no idea where she was or what was going on- but she knew well enough to know she loved the sun and didn’t agree with the doctors.   The look on the doctors’ face was priceless.  I just smiled!  The doctor looked at me and all I could do was continue smiling.  I’m sure while the doctor was looking at me she thought- you’ll be in here in 20 + years getting your face frozen off and cut on if you don’t stay out of the sun.   (-:  I’ll take my chances.  (-:       

 We stopped for Ice Cream after the office visit.  She was so excited!  It’s just the little things. I also took her to the junky store- it had been a while since we’ve been in there and she was telling me everything she saw.  She was feeling normal in the moment.  It was a good day!

I took her back to her place- she had no idea where we were when we pulled up.  I told her “this is where you live mom,” she didn’t say anything- we just walked in.   Martin was the first person we saw when we walked in Memory Care. She knows him and she was happy to see him, she went right over and sat down beside him.

 I was happy to see her happy -and I realize again that she is safe and where she needs to be.  I’m glad her and Martin have each other.  

I’m thankful I was able to be here for mom and help her through this ordeal.   I’m thankful for the nurses who took great care in keeping her wound dry and clean.  I’m thankful for Martin and the other friend’s mom has, I’m thankful for the safe place she is in.  I’m thankful Dorothy.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen 

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