Nothing better than milkshakes

Today when I went to see Dorothy she and Martin were in her room. Mom was sitting on the bed and Martin was in the rocking chair. They both had discusted looks on their faces. A cross between mad, sad and fed up. At first glance it almost looked like they were planning their escape.

In a cheerful voice I said “hello, kids”, with a big smile- which was not received by either with any happiness at all. The look from mom got madder and sadder. So, I went right into why don’t we go for a ride and get some Ice Cream. Why don’t we see if Martin can join us. To which mom replied, “You are going to do more than take me for a ride, you are going to take me home”. I did not respond, instead I said we need to check with the folks in charge to be sure we could take Martin out with us.

So I headed to the powers that be and asked if Martin could join mom and I for a ride and some Ice Cream. They of course had to reach out to Martins family who agreed to the outing. And I was sure to ask if Martin had any dietary restrictions.

So, the journey out of the big house begins. I was in the middle holding both of their hands. It was interesting to feel how soft and strong both their hands were. Holding their hands made me feel like a little kid again. They were not clinging on for dear life, but they were holding firm. We made it in the car safe, got settled in- it’s interesting that neither one could fasten their seatbelt. And off were, in search of Ice Cream, with Dorothy in the front and Martin in the back.

It was a beautiful day full of blue skies and clouds. We drove out of the city and into the country. Past the lake and state park, in the distance we could see the mountains. At one point mom said to me ” Cheryl, you will have to go back to the city, country folks do not have ice cream stores.” I was shocked at this because we had only talked about ice cream twice. But, then again when you tell a child you are talking them for ice cream they do not forget either. (-: I laughed at this comment and assured her we would find ice cream.

On the way up, there was small talk about what they saw, mostly Dorothy, Martin was quiet. At one point we talked about cars and I asked him directly what kind of car he like to drive when he was younger. His reply was ” any that ran”. LOLOL Not sure if he grew up with lemons- or if his was his since of humor.

We stopped at a Chick Fil A and settled on milk shakes. I thought this would be the easiest and safest treat for them. When I asked them what flavor they wanted- they knew right away, there was not telling what their options were.

On the ride back they did not say anything. LOLOL They were busy sucking on straws, we were almost back when i heard the famous slurping of the straws, they were both trying to get out the last of the shake. LOLOL, again, just like two little kids. LOL It was perfect!

They were both in a much better mood and had big happy smiles on their faces. When we were getting out of the car mom asked me if Martin lived in the big red house too. Yes, was my reply- hers was okay, good!

When we walked into the Memory Care Unit- most everyone was out – and got to see them walk in. I wondered how many of them were sad that they did not get to go, how many of them know that they were coming back in, how many of them get to go out from time to time with their loved ones.

The best thing about the afternoon- besides being able to get both of them out for an hour or so was that mom did not sing her song- not once. She talked to Martin and me from time to time but not singing. It was a good day?

Add this to the list of facts about Ice Cream making you feel better. I saw it work first had, just the other day.

Peace, Love and Light,

Cheryl Doreen

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