Let It Be

When I went to see mom this week, she was thinking it was 1920- which was weird for me- she wasn’t even alive then.   She introduced me to a few of her friends as her sister, I did not correct her.  She wanted to know where Granny was and why Granny had bought such a big house with all these rooms.   She wanted to know when Pappy was coming in from the barn.   She wanted to know why she was not at home.   She is so confused.

Last week when I was there, I asked the workers not to tell mom I was coming- I told them I thought she might be thinking I was coming to take her home and therefore she is packing up everything. They “got it” and told me they would not tell her I was coming. This week when I was there, she had only “hidden” her toothbrush and toothpaste. It was easier to manage my time with her.   We took a shower – and she helped change the bed.  She even told me to take a few things she did not need anymore.   I was shocked for a moment- then I understood, too much stuff is confusing for her.  

She also told me it was time for me to leave.  Which was also weird for me, but again I get it.  She has no idea what is going on or how long I’ve been there.   I do know that she is in a good place, a place where I don’t worry about her.  I know she has a nice bed, clean clothes and at least a shower once a week.    (-:  

I also know that Dorothy is a helper, and she is a comfort to and for her friends.  She remembers she was a nurse, and her skills are still used every day to help those who are having a rougher time than she is.  I know that from moment to moment it is different and sometimes difficult for her, and I believe that God’s Grace gives her more happy moments than sad ones.

It’s tough- those of you who go through it know it.   Just “Let it Be”.  (Beatles)

Love and Light!

Cheryl Doreen

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