How old am I?

Dorothy was in a good mood today. Paul and I went early in the day, and she was with her lady friends. Usually, mom is sitting somewhere and unhappy when we pop in. But today, she was hanging with the ladies.  One was carrying a huge purse, and the other was in a beautiful turquoise outfit with some fantastic jewelry.  All three were deep in discussion with whatever the topic of the moment was.  Mom broke away and came into her room to hang with Paul and me.  

It was nice to see her room was not “packed up”; she was not waiting on us to come and take her home.  So, my suggestion to the workers worked. (-:

We visited for a bit; she did not say much about going home; at this point, she told us about her friends and all that they had going on.   She asked me how old she was and – I asked her how old do you think you are?  She said 110, and she also said she was ready to go to heaven.  She is tired of just sitting and rocking.

I helped her with a shower, and in the shower, she must have asked me a dozen times when she was going home.  I answered the same every time.  “Mom, you won’t’ be going home for a while. You need to stay here where you are safe and have your friends.”  She told me that she liked it “here,” but these were not her people.   She misses the farm and the cows and the fields.  I get that- if I grew up on a farm, I would be missing that life also.

The shower wore her out, and as we were sitting around talking, she asked me how old she was. I answered with, – how old do you think you are?  Again, she said 110 and repeated that she was ready to go to heaven.

She asked Paul a few questions about work and asked me about the boys; she then turned to Paul and said, “Paul, how old am I? “Paul replied, I don’t know mom, how old do you feel?   She said to him as serious as anything, well, don’t you have your winkydink with you.   Oh my gosh!  I rolled, laughing so hard.   Paul was looking at her in wonder- as in What are you saying?    Then mom started laughing, and we all had a good laugh for a moment or two.   I asked through tears- “mom, what is a winkydink?   She looked at Paul and said, you know- it’s a metal circle thing with numbers on it. And it helps you build things- all the old men carry one.   She was so matter of fact about this.     BAHAHAHAHA   Oh my gosh!  

We must have been having too much fun because one of the nurses came in and asked if we were okay. Of course, we said we were, and we never gave away the reason for our laughter.   Soon after it was time for lunch. 

All three of us walked out of the room with happy faces and big smiles.   And if I ever want to know how old I am, I’ll just find and ask an old man to get his winkydink out and tell me.   BAHAHAHAH.   

Embrace the good days. (-:

Love and Light,

Cheryl Doreen

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