I’ll take it

The last few times I went to visit Dorothy, it took her a little time to remember who I was.  At first, she thought I was her sister.  She even introduced me as her sister.   It’s ok, I just smiled and played along.   After a little bit she remembered that I was Cheryl.   When she “remembers” she always asks about Jessica- Jessica is her link to her (lost) real life.  Then she remembers the boys and then she asks about them-repeatedly. Where it used to bother me— now, I enjoy it. I understand that now when she asks, I know that she is herself.

I took her out one evening to see the Christmas lights- and at one point she was “here”, she said “Cheryl, I appreciate you taking the time to come and get me and take me out to see the lights”. I’ll take it. (-:

All I could say was “your welcome, mom”.    

It’s tough inside the walls of memory care. But it’s also safe and in mom’s case she is where she needs to be.   I appreciate the nurses and other care givers. For most of them, it is their calling. And for the most part they are very upbeat and kind- to those they have charge over.     

If you can, go see your loved one.  Sooner or later, they will “remember” and it’s a good feeling – for both of you.  Enjoy those times.

Love and Light,

Cheryl Doreen

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