Good Day!

Dorothy had no idea it was Christmas, but I brought her home anyway.   It was a good day.  She sat at the kitchen table, ate lasagna and garlic bread, drank sprite, and seemed to be content.   I didn’t have any idea what to get her for Christmas, so I decided on a stuffed animal. When she opened it, she was as happy as any toddler would be.   She hugged it and looked at it and told us how soft it was.   She did not name it- but she held on to it for quite a while.   Soon enough she asked where she got the bear.  (-:   I could have taken it from her, put it back in the bag and let her open it all afternoon, but I chose not to. 

We had a good day, and Dorothy was ready to go home after about four hours. So, back we went.   Five days later, I got a call from the staff- saying someone had Covid and that they were on lock down for ten days.   They told me that the entire facility would be tested the next day to see who had the virus.  I asked her what they would do if everyone had it.   She said “nothing! there is nothing we can do- except monitor them for breathing issues.  There is no cure- no vaccine that will stop the virus and we will just have to ride this pandemic out”.

I would call and check on mom daily and ask how the “old folks” were- everyone was fine and as far as I know none of the residence got Covid- it must have been a nurse who had it.  When I was able to go back in and see mom we did the same routine- me searching for dirty clothes and her comb and toothbrush.  (-:    I found everything except her toothbrush.  After a shower, hair wash and blow dry. I asked her if she wanted to go with me to get a new toothbrush.  She informed me that she had a toothbrush and did not need a new one- but I could take her to lunch.  (-:

We went to the store first for toothbrushes- and then to O’Charley’s for lunch.   As you know from previous posts- a hamburger is her choice every time.   So, that’s what she had.  I ordered her a cup of Potato Soup instead of fries,  because she loves it.   And she informed me when it came that she had never seen soup like “this”.  LOLOL     She gobbled it up along with half of her hamburger and she was in hog heaven. (-:

On the ride home Dorothy enjoyed looking at the sky and the clouds, she asked me a few questions about her life- again-  like “what happened to me Cheryl?”   or, Is Granny dead?  Is Deloris dead?    “Oh no- Deloris is not dead Cheryl, she just came to see me last week”.  (-: 

Mom also informed me that she was going to live to be 200.    

When we got back to the home, I took her back to her room and made sure her coat and scarf were hung up.   LOLOL,  She kept calling her scarf a neck warmer- it’s not a scarf Cheryl- that’s something different.  Which she is correct- a scarf is something you would cover your head up with when you left the house – to keep your hair in place – so when you got to where you were going- your hair would look like it did when you left your house.  (-:

As she walked me to the door she ran into Poppa- a new resident- who when he saw her stood up and he grabbed moms’ arm and down the hall they went walking arm in arm. As they began walking, she informed me that Pappa was her walking partner.   And just like that- she found a purpose and she was gone. 

Love and Light,

Cheryl Doreen

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