putting it out there

I just want to put this out there-something I have found that helps me “deal” with the dementia devil that has taken over my mom, Dorothy. I remember what she told me about her childhood and since she lives there – in her mind these days- that’s what I ask her about. This is the era she asks me questions about. Most of the time she has no idea she had a life between the ages of 12 and her current state. It’s very interesting to me that she remembers the time in her life when she was little in detail and those who loved her, Granny, Pappy and Delores. It is also very interesting to me that she remembers her great grandsons and her granddaughter. Two totally different ends of her lifeline. These are the people she talks about, these are her people.

Figure out what era of their life do they “live in”, do some research on what was “cool” back then for them. I’m sure they shared some stories with you over the years of their “glory” days. A favorite toy? were they a highschool Jock? a Dancer? a Music/ artists? Did they have a favorite Movie? What was the town, school area they grew up in? Maybe some of it will allow you to connect with them on that level- their world as they know it. Maybe the spark will be brighter in their eyes, maybe they will tell you a story or two- over and over and over again. Maybe not- but it’s worth a try.

Hang in there!

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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